How does your service work?

We do not offer just to buy Facebook likes, new subscribers for Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, likes or views as well. We do not use the scheme which is used by the other companies. Our company and our methods of work are completely legal and we follow all terms of the social networks. Cooperating with us you will get only true followers and likes as we avoid fake accounts, robots, automation and spam. We offer the most effective promotion to your page on any social network. When you order certain package, you can be sure to get specified amount of Facebook likes, views on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter followers in a very short period of time. We promise you will get only real visitors and likes which will be of direct benefit to you.

We assure you will get subscribers and likes from people of different countries of the whole world. We do not sell targeted likes as, for example, Google Adwords offers. So be sure to get true and active subscribers for your page promotion.

How long can it take to complete my order?

When you choose a certain package, you see the stated period of time which is required to complete your order. Every package has different time of full completion. For example: you order 1,000 likes for your page. This is our minimum offer. It will be completed in 4 days maximum. If you order our maximum offer – 100,000 likes for one page, be sure to get all likes in 12 days maximum. Please, pay attention to the description of chosen package. All necessary information is written there.

What are the main steps for placing the order?

Here are the main steps for every order:

  • 1. Place your order and wait for the e-mail from our company with the confirmation for your order and all necessary information for the payment.
  • 2. If you choose a package with maximum likes or fans, you must confirm your PayPal account.
  • 3. We will start working upon your order within 48 hours maximum from the moment it was placed.
  • 4. Our manager can contact you for any additional details.
  • 5. When everything is checked and confirmed, your order will take its place in the queue.
  • 6. Your order will be completed in the certain period of time stated in the description for the chosen package.
  • 7. After your order is completed, you will get a confirmation from us.

Do you need my personal information?

The only personal information we ask you for is your username. Remember to write it while placing your order. While making the payment, you will be redirected to the website of PayPal. There you can make payments for the ordered services. Do not worry for entering wrong personal information. Use our contact page to inform us about correct data. Remember to mention your e-mail address, transaction ID or PayPal e-mail so we can find your order and add necessary information.

What can I do in case I miss my URL in the order form?

It is ok if you forget to add your personal data in the order form. You can use our contact form and write all necessary details which will be used to complete your order. Please, use the same e-mail which you wrote while placing the order. You can send all necessary information to us with the payment details.

Do you need the password from my page?

We do not force you to tell us the password from your page. The information we need from you is your e-mail and your URL (username). We need this data to complete your order successfully and have the opportunity to contact you in any case. Beware of the companies which ask you to provide them with your admin information. They will use illegal method of delivering fake followers and likes to your page. In such case your Facebook account may be blocked or banned.

Do you provide any guaranties and moneyback warranties?

We guarantee 100% money back if we cannot provide the high-rate services and deliver the specified amount of followers and likes to your page. If any inconveniences happen, you can contact us 24/7 by writing an e-mail or using the contact form of our web resource. Our manager will contact you in 48 hours maximum in order to estimate all problems. Your problem will be solved asap. All we are asking for is to be patient and to wait for the feedback from our manager. We also recommend you to read the page with FAQs before sending your request to us.

Can you process my order after the deadline?

We guarantee that your order will be processed during the certain period of time specified in the description of the chosen package. We strictly observe the deadlines.

Are your services targeted or worldwide?

We provide true subscribers and likes from real people who live in different countries throughout the world. For the time being we do not offer targeted subscribers.

Do you accept all URLs?

We reserve the right to check all URLs and compare them with our standards. All URLs have to be free of pornography, spamming, hatred, gambling. If you have any restrictions for your account, please remove then before placing the order. Your page has to be public. Also be sure that all settings for your page are correct. Only in such case we can start our cooperation.

Do I receive the traffic from real subscribers?

We guarantee you will receive 100% true and active subscribers for any package you choose. Other companies may use automation or fake accounts, but we do not work using such methods. If you find that some of your new subscribers have incomplete account, do not worry. They are just new on social network, but real for sure.

Will I get permanent subscribers?

Our company guarantees that all your followers and fans will be real and active. As they are real people, they can change their decisions, so the number of your subscribers can grow or lower in the certain period of time. You receive permanent subscribers and their number will not decrease in time. In case you are not satisfied with the received services, contact us any time 24/7 and your problem will be solved shortly. Please, note that our company always provides overdelivery, that is why you will get specified amount of new subscribers and likes according to the certain package plus 1-10% more.

Is there any difference between Facebook fans (likes) and subscribers?

A subscriber on Facebook means a person who watches your posts and updates. Subscribers are not necessarily your friends. Please, remember that your page has to be open in order all people could have the access to your posts. Note that you can have subscribers and followers for your personal page on Facebook, but not for the Facebook business page or so called fan page. So one could see that Facebook fan is a person who subscribes to your fan page. When a certain person subscribes to your page, it means that he/she likes it. From the moment of the subscription he/she is able to get all your updates and new posts. It is possible to check “likes” pages of a certain person on his/her page under the section of interests.

What are the reasons of receiving more fans, likes, subscribers?

A huge amount of Facebook likes and fans, subscribers, Twitter and Instagram followers, YouTube views serves for an effective promotion of your profile. As you become more popular on the social networks, you will attract more public attention and develop your business. Please, notice that the more subscribers you have, the higher rate you achieve in the results of the searching systems.

Do you have other services?

Our company has a 7-year experience in the area of social media promotion. Nowadays we can offer complete list of the effective services:

  • - 1. Google + – followers and votes.
  • - 2. YouTube – views, likes, subscribers.
  • - 3. Twitter – followers, retweets.
  • - 4. Instagram – followers, likes.
  • - 5. SoundCloud – plays, downloads, followers, favorites.
  • - 6. Pinterest – followers, pins.
  • - 7. etc.

As you see we have offers for all social networks and even more. Please, write to us for all necessary information about our services, prices and ways to make a payment.

At what time do you work?

Our managers work from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. 5 days a week (from Monday till Friday). If our support team is offline, you are always able to write to us using the contact form on our web resource. You will get your reply asap.

Do you work with resellers?

Yes, we cooperate with resellers and have special programs for them. Contact us for more details.

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