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    March 2014
    How to Benefit from Google Plus?

    Google plus button is relatively new feature from Google. This is the way how google offers own system for so called liking and spreading the content online. Every seo professional and owners of websites had the aim to get as many google votes …

  • 12

    March 2014
    Steps to Establish Successful Twitter Contest

    It is obvious fact that Twitter is the best way for business and brand promotion. The only thing you need to perform is to build effective twitter contest campaign and then you will quickly gain as many followers as you want. Now you …

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    March 2014
    Are There Any Risks in Buying Facebook Likes?

    Nowadays purchasing of Facebook likes became an evident necessity, because of regular updates in internet search systems and desire of millions people to take the top places in this ranking. Those people, who understand role of good optimized social network page are buying …

  • 17

    February 2014
    Facebook Facts Overview: Advertisers Don’t Depend Upon Likes

    When people understood, that Facebook really helps to sell products and services, they were happy to receive any metric data or analytic tool to see and estimate results from audience involvement. The main rule, which effectively brought likes, was to make regular updates …

  • 14

    February 2014
    Social Graph VS Similarity of Brands

    InfiniGraph also shows structured data about brands affinity between one another. Let us say that people will see audience engagement within selected brands. However, it is very unlikely that the system saves info about every like. Possibly, you managed to find the audience, …

  • 12

    February 2014
    Do You Want to Increase Likes from Facebook Users up to 40%?

    Possibly, you have good reaction to Facebook posts and people click the icons with Thumb-up. In spite of this fact you can get even more. It is not a fantasy! Read to know how. Basic Rules to Follow Here we listed major points …

  • 6

    February 2014
    Enormous Growth Of Unique Visitors at Facebook

    After new design of like and share button, Facebook estimated approximate growth of referrals this autumn and announced 47.44% of increase that is, at any rate, considerable change for publishers. If to take time period between autumn 2012 and autumn 2013, so skyrocket …

  • 3

    February 2014
    Mark Zuckerberg Spent $1bn Making Donations

    The youngest philanthropist, Mark Zuckerberg in his 29, promises to give charity in amount $990m from Facebook Company shares to three organizations. He informed the world about his big plans: to donate $990m, according to the latest Facebook shares cost. Three social network …

  • 31

    January 2014
    Facebook Won’t Die In Spite of Rumors

    Once professor from London University College, said that Facebook is going to fade very soon. However, it is better to get the gist of this issue and find opposite arguments for Daniel Miller’s words. He performed certain research and found out that young …

  • 28

    January 2014
    Zuckerberg As a Major American Sponsor

    Mark Zuckerberg is famous as a person who established Facebook. He participates in charity and in 2013 he made donation for Americans in a sum $100m. M. Zuckerberg is known not only as a person, who has launched a popular Facebook platform, but …


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