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    July 2014
    10 Hidden FB Features That Will Work Wonders for Your Business

    There are many reasons why the number of business pages on Facebook is boosting. Top executives use them as multifunctional tools that can be utilized for communicational, promotional, informational and other purposes. All FB pages look much like ordinary profile pages but offer …

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    July 2014
    A Checklist for Launching a New FB Page for Your Business

    It’s so much easier to make a Facebook page for your enterprise rather than to launch a website for it. Indeed, there are no worries regarding domain names, layouts, downloading speeds, cookies, etc. You don’t even have to think about coding as everything …

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    July 2014
    When Will a Social Media Campaign Start Bringing Money?

    When buying stocks or spending money any promotional campaign, the question that inevitably comes to your mind is “When will my investment pay back?” You may also wonder about the period of time that will be needed to return the money you’ve spent. …

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    June 2014
    How to Run a Split Test for Your FB Performance

    Split testing or, as they call it, A/B testing is surely an effective tool for comparing two campaigns leaving out unnecessary variables. To get accurate results, launch identically twin campaigns whilst saving for a single variable: a deviation in images, wording or landing …

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    June 2014
    Why Make YouTube Videos a Part of Your Marketing Campaign?

    In the era of online communication, YouTube videos are turning into an undeniable marketing force. Just like TV commercials that used to be a great promotional power for the previous generation, online videos are getting to this point right now. YouTube is such …

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    April 2014
    Which Companies Can Be the Next Facebook’s Acquiring?

    Today, it is a common thing, that there are too many events that occur and connected with the name of Mark Zuckerberg – owner and establisher of Facebook. Just during several years ago, he made a decision to invest in small, but very …

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    March 2014
    Tips on How to Establish Gaming Community

    Strong gaming community in the internet can become a very useful tool. There is a plenty of people, wishing to spend money and time for making good platform that will be used for posting content, launching advertisements and flow of comments. Also, there …

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    March 2014
    How to Intrigue Your Fans and Stimulate Them for More Visits

    In general marketing on Facebook can be compared with a special science, because there are many nuances to engage users and make them return more and more. Be ready to work a lot, if you want thousands of people like your page and …

  • 27

    March 2014
    Positive Facts About Facebook Likes

    Facebook is the most beneficial social network for getting profit from any business online that is why creating Facebook profile is as important as launching commercial for selling products. At once online users click a button with Likes, so they automatically become your …

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    March 2014
    Five Hints How to Use Pinterest and Get Traffic

    Significance of Pinterest for your business is identical to the “Digg-effect”. Your server can literally go down, if you are on the main Digg page and your website gets new portion of enormous traffic. If to compare Pinterest social platform and Digg website, …


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