• 30

    April 2015
    Why You Should Think about Raising Your Selling Rate Online

    Internet commerce opens new horizons for owners of businesses and retail sellers. Online promotional tools help not only to raise a rate of sales and to make your company better known, but to get your business on a worldwide level. Time to leave …

  • 24

    April 2015
    Make Your Facebook Account Sell Your Goods and Services

    Total internalization of a global economy provides hundreds of business opportunities that were not available before. It’s a right time to change your traditional view on a business promotion and turn your attention to a new trend called f-commerce that is based on …

  • 20

    April 2015
    How to Make Great and Remarkable Posts on Facebook

    To use your Facebook posts in the right way can help you to find clients and promote your business. Here are some very useful advances how to attract people and make your job easier. You should post only fresh news. And do it …

  • 14

    April 2015
    To Buy Facebook Likes: Why is It Essential

    Facebook one of the most well-known social sites in the world. There are million people uploading information, links, photos, videos, music. Hardly will you find a man who has not page on Facebook. People communicate in chats and liking what they think interesting. …

  • 10

    April 2015
    Why Choose Social Media Marketing for Business Promotion

    Do not believe to people who saying that social media marketing is not useful tool in business and here is no sense to invest in it. It means people just can’t use right. Social Media Marketing (SMM) is very well-known tool nowadays. Proper …

  • 8

    April 2015
    Increase Your Likeability on Facebook

    With the brand’s involvement in social media and its likeability across social networks now being more important than ever, we need to focus on the essential elements necessary for a brand to be likable online. They are the following: Engaging your customers, listening …

  • 6

    April 2015
    Advertising on Facebook

    Targeted advertising on Facebook can maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and lets you get the most value from it by delivering relevant messages only to those you specify as your target audience, according to targeting options such as their likes and …

  • 31

    March 2015
    Using Facebook for Business Purposes

    A Facebook page can promote your products or services and raise awareness about your brand or company, just like a website or blog can, but it provides some unique opportunities of attracting Facebook users that may become your fans and potential customers. As …

  • 27

    March 2015
    Would You Like More Likes?

    You would, but are still wondering why it is important? As opposed to direct advertising that most people ignore or find annoying, Facebook is a unique tool for introducing your products or services to large audiences in a more natural, “likable” way. When …

  • 17

    October 2014
    How popular is Instagram?

    What is the main audience of Instagram? Instagram has more than 200,000,000 users and there are almost 20 billion pictures inside Intagram Social Network. It’s a great opportunity to engage audiences for business brand. Businesses can require followers or just Instagram users to …


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