• 27

    January 2016
    Wanna Share My News? Social Networks As Major News Suppliers

    According to recent surveys, the global audience consumes more and more news articles and video streams daily, yet major world news agencies are cutting their jobs and losing their subscribers. The newspaper industry alone had to reduce its staff by one third in …

  • 23

    January 2016
    The Reasons to Get More Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers

    If your goal is a promotion of the company, website or just yourself you won’t do it without pretty amount of likes and follows on Twitter and Facebook. If you would like to share with the world what you are making you should …

  • 19

    January 2016
    Get Your ‘Likes’ Growing Fast on Facebook (Why? How? And What It Leads to?)

    Internet-era gives a number of opportunities to make your business live and grow without putting lots of physical and financial effort. Modern business works not only to deliver the product to a market but also to communicate with consumers and target auditory on …

  • 15

    January 2016
    What Posts Should Your Facebook Business Page Definitely Have

    If you just started to use Facebook for business you should know that it is very important, don’t get stuck in a rut with your posts. Try to mix them. Update your status day by day or at least a few times per …

  • 12

    January 2016
    3 Steps to Become Closer to Each of Your Consumers

    Development of internet trade has changed relationships between a seller and a buyer from formal to lighter and more personalized form. Online consumers tend to choose those selling sites where they can get not only a high-quality goods and optimized service but also …

  • 11

    January 2016
    5 Ways to Attract Consumers Using Free Online Services

    How much would you pay for a perfect promotion that makes hundreds of potential consumers informed about your goods or services? Time to save money and to use free tools for online commerce – let your business gain popularity for free. The only …

  • 1

    January 2016
    Make your Facebook account sell your goods and services

    Total internalization of a global economy provides hundreds of business opportunities that were not available before. It’s a right time to change your traditional view on a business promotion and turn your attention to a new trend called f-commerce that is based on …

  • 28

    December 2015
    Using Facebook for Marketing Purposes

    Facebook differs from other media, so it’s important to understand the specifics of marketing on Facebook, the basic do’s and don’ts. To take advantage of the unique opportunities Facebook offers, you need to remember that Facebook is mainly a place for socializing and …

  • 28

    December 2015
    Using Facebook for business purposes

    A Facebook page can promote your products or services and raise awareness about your brand or company, just like a website or blog can, but it provides some unique opportunities of attracting Facebook users that may become your fans and potential customers. As …

  • 25

    December 2015
    7 Marketing Pros of Online Marketing

    In this article, we are going to tell about advantages of online marketing offers over traditional media resources. Effective ads At first you should know about internet adverts. For example, free listing in Google will be more effective than expensive traditional newspaper or …


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